CareSet decodes Medicare claims data to guide new drug launches.

Get to market faster, and at lower cost.

Using the largest single cohort of patients available, CareSet groups Medicare claims into patient journeys by disease. We then track how their diseases progress and which teams of doctors treat them.

For outcomes research teams, understanding disease progression creates new patient segmentation. For brand managers, knowing which practices to talk to enables more targeted outreach in less time.


CareSet in action.

A large pharma company wanted to better understand disease progression for patients with an age-related illness, and worked with CareSet and another claims vendor to track comorbidities, procedures, and other claims-related events both prior to and after diagnosis date. Our work resulted in a change to the overall design study and better quality data for the outcomes research group.

Examine claims data with freedom.

Patch software gives you the power to find and analyze information using your own parameters. We provide fresh, rich data – you view it like never before




Vice President Joe Biden calls out CareSet System’s sister company DocGraph during the Cancer Moonshot Summit in DC in June of 2016.

Find out more on how CareSet and DocGraph are combining forces to beat cancer!

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