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New high fidelity market information can help. CareSet Systems unlocks Medicare data to decode patient journeys and provide real-world evidence for targeting, getting the right drugs to the right patients, faster. Marketing directors invest billions to launch new drugs based on limited samples and summaries that don’t track patients across care settings or geographies. Without comprehensive analysis, predicting market demand is challenging and risky.

CareSet Target

For those with more defined market analysis needs, CareSet Target facilitates insight into targeted physician populations. You define the boundaries and Target provides insight into the health care and delivery trends within that market. Insights include physician autonomy and specialization, referral trends, therapy volumes and practice growth.

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Part D Targeting Data

New Part D Targeting subscription datasets are available now with record breaking speed to aid pharma decision making. We cut through the redactions to supercharge your marketing efforts with advanced targeting data since commercial datasets don’t reveal the whole picture due to prescription blocking.

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CareSet Affiliation

CareSet Affiliation empowers your market research with insight into hospital and medical group opinion leaders and their internal and external referral behaviors. Affiliation allows you to cut through the confusion and identify the interactions that matter most to your marketing efforts.

CareSet Journey

CareSet Journey is about how patient populations, selected from a pool of 54 million Medicare patients, move through and utilize the various services of the healthcare enterprise. Journey allows you to identify cohorts of Medicare data and quantify how geography, physician and provider selection affect patient health care decisions and outcomes. Among the insights Journey provides are competitive trends at the health care provider level, referral and competitive trends, and longitudinal data studies for Part A, B and D Medicare claims data.

CareSet Market View

With reports developed for a number of patient populations, CareSet Market View provides you with Part A, B, C and D claims information for over 50 million Medicare patients, distributed nationally. Available reports include, among others, oncology, hematology, HIV and Alzheimer’s disease. Our reports are intended for those whose business, clinical or data science initiatives stand to benefit from a clear, jargon-free, fact-filled analysis of market dynamics and utilization.