CareSet at SXSW 2018 “Put Down the Scalpel: Non-Invasive Heart Solutions”

CareSet made a big splash at SXSW 2018, hosting Put Down the Scalpel: Non-Invasive Heart Solutions on March 10th at the Austin Convention Center. The session had an all-star cast of subject matter experts, including panelists Patrick Wayte, Senior Vice President, Center for Health Technology and Innovations for The American Heart Association, Cat Oyler, Global Head Strategy & Operations for Johnson & Johnson, Swapnil Rajpathak, Executive Director, Center of Observational and Real-world Evidence (CORE) at Merck & Co., and David Soergel, Global Head or Cardio Metabolic Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

Here’s the SXSW Session Description:

New school medical diagnostics and interventions aim to reduce unnecessary procedures. This reduction makes the remaining procedures far less invasive while ensuring that hard to detect conditions get treatment earlier. The healthcare system needs innovators to make money by lowering costs overall, putting the pressure on traditional inefficient approaches and making space for innovators to shine.

Brian Lang

As an eight-year-old, Brian made and sold candles door to door. As an adult with a chronic entrepreneur addiction he helped a boutique music label grow to a national brand in the 80s, launched a successful Internet startup in the dot-com era, and today connects best-of-breed health and medtech startups with leading large healthcare organizations to accelerate innovation. He annually runs the coaching for companies competing in Austin's SXSW Accelerator - and when not working, he spoils his grandkids.