CareSet Target

Physician Segmentation and Targeting Data

Segment and target physicians by practice, panel size, and treatments performed or prescribed. Measure trends over time, including physician autonomy and specialization, referral trends and practice growth.

Applications include:

  • Align sales teams to physician targets
  • Project therapy volumes
  • See competitive trends at the provider level

CareSet Pathway

Patient Journey Map

Track cohorts of Medicare patients through the healthcare system in the years before and after a diagnosis. Quantify how geography, physician type and provider selection impact the treatments received, pathways and health outcomes.

Applications include:

  • Identify groups of patients to target at, or even before, diagnosis
  • Visualize patient journeys across sites of care
  • Compare patient outcomes for therapeutic interventions over time

CareSet Market View

Medicare Market Reports

Comprehensive Medicare Claims data in an accessible, high-level report with insights for healthcare and life sciences. National-level summaries of patient populations by indication, diagnosis rates, age, gender and co-morbidity, including trending over time and geographic breakdowns at various sub-national levels.

Applications include:

  • Size markets accurately
  • Build population profiles
  • Validate existing data sources

CareSet Cube

Data Warehouse and Data Cube

Comprehensive access to Medicare data across all therapeutic categories in a web-based platform. Ad hoc searches and custom reports mean answers are a keystroke away. CareSet Cube is built with Open Source standards and is coded by National Provider Identifier (NPI) for ease of integration with existing tools.

Applications include:

  • Increase accuracy by supplementing non-Medicare or sample data
  • Visualize referral networks for hospitals, medical groups, ACOs and health plans
  • Drive salesforce alignment with HCP-level procedure, diagnosis, and referral data