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New high fidelity market information can help. CareSet Systems unlocks Medicare data to decode patient journeys and provide real-world evidence for targeting, getting the right drugs to the right patients, faster. Marketing directors invest billions to launch new drugs based on limited samples and summaries that don’t track patients across care settings or geographies. Without comprehensive analysis, predicting market demand is challenging and risky.


CareSet Target

For those with more defined market analysis needs, CareSet Target facilitates insight into targeted physician populations. You define the boundaries and Target provides insight into the health care and delivery trends within that market. Insights include physician autonomy and specialization, referral trends, therapy volumes and practice growth.

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With CareSet Target, individual customized data sets are designed to meet client objectives. Working directly with CareSet consultants and data scientists, customers can examine rich comprehensive Medicare Claims. CareSet provides linked Medicare Part A, B and D files, with six and a half years of claims history coded by provider (NPI) number with CareSet’s comprehensive provider network and referral map.

CareSet Target data has been used by Marketing, Brand Management and Sales leaders to deliver specific insights into physician and referrals. For indications that target age-related populations, Medicare data insights are especially valuable for salesforce alignment, projecting therapy volumes and measuring competitor uptake.

Deliverables include both custom data file(s) and summary report(s). CareSet works in partnership to design and scope Physician Segmentation and Targeting, manage shared responsibilities throughout and deliver actionable insights as a result. Depending on preference for raw data and consulting analysis outputs, CareSet will assign the right level of consulting expertise to ensure benefits of data insights are realized.

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CareSet Affiliation

CareSet Affiliation empowers your market research with insight into hospital and medical group opinion leaders and their internal and external referral behaviors. Affiliation allows you to cut through the confusion and identify the interactions that matter most to your marketing efforts.

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Expose relationships among millions of healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical groups billing Medicare. Physician and Organizational-identifiers found on billions of Medicare claims provide quantitative evidence of affiliations between healthcare providers and medical groups and hospitals that bill on their behalf.

Applications include:

  • Feeding quarterly market updates for field intelligence
  • Quantitative measurement of network, clinic, and outcomes management
  • Network adequacy and robust

Differentiating the KOLs within hospitals and medical groups requires insight into its physician roster, and distribution of referral from within and outside. For certain specialties, providers are often working from many, sometimes competing hospitals, as well as contracted to several medical groups and services.

CareSet cuts through all of these connections objectively by following the streams of each provider’s reimbursements, across all their sites, settings, and organizations saving sales and marketing thousands of hours of research. CareSet also maintains these affiliations, updating them quarterly, for every provider working with Medicare to serve patients.

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CareSet Journey

CareSet Journey is about how patient populations, selected from a pool of 54 million Medicare patients, move through and utilize the various services of the healthcare enterprise. Journey allows you to identify cohorts of Medicare data and quantify how geography, physician and provider selection affect patient health care decisions and outcomes. Among the insights Journey provides are competitive trends at the health care provider level, referral and competitive trends, and longitudinal data studies for Part A, B and D Medicare claims data.

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Track cohorts of Medicare patients through the healthcare system in the years before and after a diagnosis. Quantify how geography, physician type and provider selection impact the treatments received, pathways and health outcomes.

Applications include:

  • Identify groups of patients to target at, or even before, diagnosis
  • Visualize the patient journey across sites of care
  • Compare patient outcomes for therapeutic interventions over time
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CareSet Market View

With reports developed for a number of patient populations, CareSet Market View provides you with Part A, B and D claims information for over 50 million Medicare patients, distributed nationally. Available reports include, among others, oncology, hematology, HIV and Alzheimer’s disease. Our reports are intended for those whose business, clinical or data science initiatives stand to benefit from a clear, jargon-free, fact-filled analysis of market dynamics and utilization.

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Access to CareSet Market view is simple. New reports are in development prioritized by demand, enabling the most usable data from the most comprehensive Medicare Claims source available. Even for those companies willing to work directly with Medicare and CMS, CareSet’s first-to-market access is simple and instant with first access to updated data releases. CareSet’s unique provider map of referrals include access across sites of care, with over six years of historical data for trending and journey analysis. Report sampling can provide deeper analysis, data to back conclusions and correlations without compromise.

Executives, Research and Development and Health Economics and Outcomes Research groups are accessing CareSet data. Marketing leaders and large Group Purchasing Organizations are now expressing interest. Reports have been used to simply validate existing sample or non-Medicare data as the basis for major strategic change in addressing Medicare populations. Established leaders and smaller pharma companies developing new therapies are leveraging CareSet Market View for market sizing, population profiling, and reimbursement comparisons. Many clients already have access to detailed internal or purchased data or samples from Medicare.  CareSet Market View can provide a comparison and additional source to create the most comprehensive data set.

CareSet Market View reports are readable and accessible with limited jargon and a glossary, ideal for a range of business, clinical and data science audiences. Analyses provided at a high level can spur further discussion and strategic insights all based on the facts. For research teams, highlighting potential areas of differentiation among Medicare populations is a key feature.

CareSet accesses over 50 million Medicare patients with claims link between Part A, B and D at the provider (NPI) level. Reports are prepared by indication or are available as a suite for electronic distribution. Underlying data use to create reporting is based on CareSet Cube and a comprehensive referral and provider map.

Reports are in development for the following indications:

  • Oncology
  • Hematology
  • HIV
  • Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
  • Hepatitis C
  • Psoriasis and related dermatological indications
  • Cardiac disease
  • Rare orphan disease
  • Other

One time purchase or subscription is available, with both annual and quarterly updates planned. Based on customer feedback, CareSet will continue to expand and build our portfolio to meet emerging demand. To take advantage of our pre-purchase option (initial report $19,995 available in 2-6 weeks), please select the option below.

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CareSet Cube

A subscription to CareSet Cube helps you zero in on the national market behaviors, dynamics and limitations most relevant to your product or service development and deployment. With complete access to Medicare Part A, B and D records, Cube allows you to define the physician, practice and treatment boundaries and thresholds that define who is most likely to benefit from your organization’s products and services.

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Comprehensive access to Medicare data across all indications in a web-based platform. Ad hoc searches and custom reports mean answers are a keystroke away. CareSet Cube is built with Open Source standards and coded by National Provider Identifier (NPI) for ease of integration with existing tools.

Applications include:

  • Increase accuracy by supplementing non-Medicare or sample data
  • Visualize referral networks for hospitals, medical groups, ACOs, and health plans
  • Drive salesforce alignment with HCP-level procedure, diagnosis, and referral data

Accessing CareSet Cube

For sophisticated consumers of Healthcare data, a view of the Medicare population has never been accessible in a comprehensive tool until now. Dynamic, instant access to 100% Medicare Claims data linked across Part A, B, and D is just launching for the first time outside of limited Academic Medical institutions.

CareSet Cube is a browser-based software platform that creates a comprehensive map of the Medicare claims system, showing how healthcare providers share patients to deliver healthcare. Customers who have access to CareSet Cube can generate and disseminate new Medicare data sets and easily combine them with existing NPI-coded data. CareSet Cube provides the most comprehensive and up to date view of Medicare Claims, with Part A, B and D represented and for ease of navigation and analysis.

Primarily leveraged by IT and Data Management leaders as well as Research and Development, the ease of access and instant insights are now expanding to include Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Marketing and Sales groups and any function served by currently available claims data.  Tactical teams can quickly model medical groups, ACOs, and health plan networks to understand physician behavior, autonomy, and practice patterns.

Access is available on a seat for subscription basis, with tiered levels of access affording greater visibility, tools, and models for data manipulation. CareSet can recommend which level of access is appropriate, from Marketing Director to Data Scientist power-users. Subscription is supported with training, dedicated account support and optional additional consulting.

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