Perspective: From a Data Parasite

I guess I qualify as a research parasite, according to the recent editorialpublished in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). The controversy that followed led to a subsequent “non-apology,” a term I use because NEJM did not offer a shift in their stance as much as they tried to slink out of the spotlight. They stand by their assertion that some uses of research-generated open data are parasitic, and that those uses are wrong.

Personally, I agree with Dr. Shaywitz who wrote about the article for The Health Care Blog (THCB), that the release of the article was a good thing: At least now we are talking about what the NEJM and the elite healthcare research establishment really thinks.

Ashish Patel

Ashish is co-founder of CareSet Systems. An entrepreneur and healthcare data transparency advocate, Ashish also founded the DocGraph Journal, bringing together the Healthcare Data Science community along with Politico and ProPublica to publish data sets for scientific advancement. Ashish is currently working to decode Medicare Claims data for Pharmaceutical companies, helping analyze provider teaming, and building robust networks.