Part D Targeting Data.
Complete Market Transparency.

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New Medicare Part D Targeting subscription datasets offer census level accuracy.

CareSet is the first company to commercialize 100% of Medicare Part A, B, and D claims, refreshed monthly, with an industry best 2-week lag. Our prompt access to data with no blocks, blackouts, or data redactions ensures the visibility to adapt quickly to the complex market. Unblocked data ensures you are targeting the right physicians with opportunities to improve patient access to new and improved medications.

Complete Market Transparency

  • Fastest and best coverage in the industry with the “biggest payor”in the US
  • No blocks, see ALL the data, all states, pharmaceuticals, and specialty pharmacies
  • Unprecedented 2-week lag on Part D data with 14-years history

First-to-Market Advantage

New Part D Targeting subscription datasets are available now with record breaking speed to aid pharma decision making. We cut through the redactions to supercharge your marketing efforts with advanced targeting data since commercial datasets don’t reveal the whole picture due to prescription blocking.

CareSet receives Part D data two weeks after Medicare, and can deliver insights almost immediately to clients. This incredible speed means you receive the most relevant prescribing data available. Take advantage now to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Trusted and Reliable Federal Data

CareSet supports top pharma and biotech manufacturers who benefit from our unique, historic, and ongoing collaboration with CMS and HHS, as well as our expertise in data analytics and commitment to data transparency.

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