Hackathon to Uncover Innovation Opportunities for Houston and Austin’s Most Vulnerable Populations

Hosted at United Way of Houston and using open datasets, innovators work together to effect change in their communities.

HOUSTON (PRWEB) – Today CareSet announced the second annual Health Equity Hackathon using newly available data that will help address innovations for the underserved community in the U.S.

The hackathon will take place on November 8-10 at the United Way of Greater Houston and will use 211 data from both Houston and United Way for Greater Austin, together with other open datasets such as Medicare, Medicaid, and CDC data. Combined, these datasets will offer an unprecedented view of the marginalized and underserved population and reveal areas where innovation can occur.

It’s through enabling local organizations by making data available and open data that can truly empower health equity innovations for the poor and marginalized,” says Mona Siddiqui, MD, Chief Data Officer for the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Dr. Siddiqui will be on hand to mentor at the event.

Early-bird registration is now open. Participants do not have to be a data person or a computer science person in order to participate. The hackathon invites designers, economists, policy leaders, thinkers, and creatives. 

The event is produced by Energizing Health and hosted by the United Way of Greater Houston, with support from the American Hospital Association, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Harris County Public Health, HealthTech 4 Medicaid, Superior HealthPlan, January Advisors, Sketch City, Impact Hub Houston, and the Translational Research Institute for Space Health. The emcees will be Fred Trotter, CTO of CareSet, and Adimika Arthur, Executive Director of HealthTech 4 Medicaid. 

Last fall, Austin hosted the Inaugural National Health Equity Hackathon produced by Energizing Health. It focused on creating data-driven solutions for the underserved healthcare population. The hackathon celebrated collaboration, open data, and innovation and was broadly successful.

About Careset – (https://careset.com) supercharges biomedical marketing initiatives as the first company commercializing 100% of Medicare A, B, C and D claims.

Brian Lang

As an eight-year-old, Brian made and sold candles door to door. As an adult with a chronic entrepreneur addiction he helped a boutique music label grow to a national brand in the 80s, launched a successful Internet startup in the dot-com era, and today connects best-of-breed health and medtech startups with leading large healthcare organizations to accelerate innovation. He annually runs the coaching for companies competing in Austin's SXSW Accelerator - and when not working, he spoils his grandkids.