DocGraph Releases First Cancer Dataset at Digital Pharma East

PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRWEB) – DocGraph today released the first in a series of Cancer Moonshot datasets during Digital Pharma East. The data details how cancer patients enter and exit hospitals and its release was first announced by Vice President Joe Biden last June during the Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, DC.

“The data is aggregated Medicare data starting in 2010 and covers six years worth of data,” says DocGraph founder, Ashish Patel who announced the dataset’s availability in Philadelphia at the 10th Annual Digital Pharma East conference.

Use of this dataset will be open to anyone, including scientists, oncologists, and digital health entrepreneurs. According to DocGraph data scientist Fred Trotter, “We’re interested in exploring important differences in the experience of cancer patients based on factors such as treatment pathway, geography, and types of physicians and providers.”

The Digital Pharma Series is part of the Life Science Digital Marketers’ Forum for learning the latest digital, mobile and social strategies that yield results. Held all over the world, this year’s Digital Pharma East conference hosted more than 800 pharma executives.

“Our Moonshot dataset can be used to understand the patient’s journey and guide new therapies and trails,” says Patel. “Releasing the cancer dataset at Digital Pharma East puts the resource in front of the right people to speed the oncology ecosystem towards cures.”

DocGraph pioneered the release of national provider referral data made available by the US government. DocGraph data releases have empowered researchers and entrepreneurs to create new data-backed healthcare solutions, and has spawned a growing community of problem solvers who have used the data to create new, innovative solutions.

The Cancer Moonshot datasets are available at no charge under the Open Source Eventually License and can be requested at

For a commercial-friendly license of this data, contact DocGraph’s sister company CareSet Systems at

Brian Lang

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