CareSet Systems Acquires DocGraph

CareSet Systems today announced the acquisition of their sister company, DocGraph. After several years with a separate commercial and data journalism focus, company executives decided to share a strategic mission and focus around their alignment with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). shapland headshot

The two organizations will be held privately and operate under the CareSet Systems brand. Laura Shapland, CEO, stated, “At CareSet, we believe an efficient healthcare market helps patients receive better care. CareSet has long been a fan of DocGraph’s data journalism and open data advocacy efforts, and this acquisition ensures that DocGraph has the support to continue serving the public good well into the future.”

What began as two separate entities, CareSet Systems and DocGraph worked cohesively while maintaining their divergent missions. CareSet held a narrow commercial focus, supercharging pharma marketing initiatives using the data DocGraph released. DocGraph held a more broad data journalism focus, releasing datasets to the public for research and discovery. After much discussion, the end product was to narrow the scope for both organizations.

Following the acquisition, CareSet Systems will continue its commercial efforts. DocGraph will continue to release datasets, now under CareSet Labs. The passion for open data will remain along with the passion for analyzing data.

About Careset Systems

CareSet Systems ( is the nation’s first company with access to 100% Medicare Part A, B and D (and now C) claims and enables the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies to decode Medicare claims data to guide new drug launches. Contact CareSet for more information about applying CMS data to your requirements.

About CareSet Labs

CareSet Labs ( creates open healthcare datasets called the DocGraph Datasets. CareSet Labs believes the release of reliable and current data is vital to the improvement of the healthcare system. Our mission is to encourage an ecosystem of innovators to collaborate and share tools and research methodologies around open healthcare datasets.

Edit: CareSet Labs/DocGraph now referred to as CareSet Journal.

Amber Canaan