CareSet Becomes First Organization with Research Access to Medicare Advantage Data

(PRWEBThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) today announced that CareSet has become the first research organization to receive access to Medicare Advantage (Part C) encounter data. Announced by CMS Administrator Seema Verma in a Tweet reported, “@CMSGov is excited that the 1st researcher (@DocGraph – now part of @CareSet) has been granted access to 2015 #MedicareAdvantage (MA) Encounter data.”

“CareSet is honored to be granted unprecedented access to this critical dataset.” says Data Journalist Fred Trotter, CTO of CareSet Systems. “For the first time, the marketplace will have transparent insight into what healthcare looks like when it is administered by private plans.” CareSet Labs releases CMS data as public use files for researchers and commercial organizations as the DocGraph Datasets ( If you are a Life Science or Bio-Tech company contact CareSet for help applying this new data resource to your environment. 

Administrator Verma first announced greater access to Medicare data at Health Datapalooza on April 26, 2018 in Washington, DC. “We’re working to enable researchers with proper security and privacy regulations in place – as well as our partners at FDA and NIH, with access to our data, [and] we’re working to ensure that we have the necessary data not just to improve individual health – but public and population health.”

CMS’ commitment to transparency has paved the way for continued innovation and research. Trotter confirms “this action is a promise kept by the current administration” and a “win for open data initiatives in healthcare”. Using this dataset, CareSet will be able to compare treatment patterns between Part C and traditional-fee-for-service Medicare, as well as gain an understanding into how commercial plans operate from a claims perspective.

About Careset Systems

CareSet Systems ( is the nation’s first company with access to 100% Medicare Part A, B and D (and now C) claims and enables the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies to decode Medicare claims data to guide new drug launches. Contact CareSet for more information about applying CMS data to your requirements. 

About CareSet Labs

CareSet Labs ( creates open healthcare datasets called the DocGraph Datasets. We believe the release of reliable and current data is vital to the improvement of the healthcare system. Our mission is to encourage an ecosystem of innovators to collaborate and share tools and research methodologies around open healthcare datasets.

Edit: CareSet Labs/DocGraph is now referred to as CareSet Journal.

Ashish Patel

Ashish is co-founder of CareSet Systems. An entrepreneur and healthcare data transparency advocate, Ashish also founded the DocGraph Journal, bringing together the Healthcare Data Science community along with Politico and ProPublica to publish data sets for scientific advancement. Ashish is currently working to decode Medicare Claims data for Pharmaceutical companies, helping analyze provider teaming, and building robust networks.