Director, Engineering & Data Analytics

Position Type: Full Time
Location: Remote/Hybrid-Houston, TX
Reports to: Rick Trotter, Founder and Sales Engineer
Direct Reports: N/A
Working Conditions / Physical Requirements: Normal office environment

Job Summary

Mission: Lead our team of data engineers and data scientists to deliver consistent, high-quality Medicare-based insights to our biopharma clients. Increase operational efficiencies to ensure that time and energy are used wisely. Implement standard methodologies and best practices. Grow in-house programming expertise through mentoring. Advise the CTO on master data management needs.

Job Description / Essential Job Functions

You know programming like the back of your hand, so it doesn’t take long for you to pick up new languages or understand the latest frameworks–which you do often. You also know how painful it feels to be managed by someone who doesn’t understand your world, so you decided to make the shift from individual contributor to people manager. You appreciate that the secret to success isn’t hero coding, it is building a team with superhero capacity that can do it better than you could ever do it alone. Now, you work hard to protect your team from the “corporate chaos” that’s common in most companies and you take great pride in addressing challenges before they become obstacles.


  • Build and mentor a high functioning and coordinated team of engineers and analysts to deliver consulting projects, already-built products, and new products
  • Oversee the development of best in industry statistical programming and code
  • Oversee syntactic quality assurance, data decoration, and delivery to our clients
  • Develop and mature automation tools to minimize data processing and run times in 12 months
  • Willing to create histograms of the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow
  • Authorize that data specifications can be coded as written
  • Work with our internal claims experts to implement (and improve) methodologies and best practices
  • Work with internal stakeholders to ensure a high quality, low variability work product that honors patient safety principles
  • Advise Chief Technology Officer on master data management requirements

Minimum Qualifications / Education / Work Experience


  • Bachelor’s Degree Computer Science or related discipline, or knowledge acquired through equivalent experience, required
  • Advanced working knowledge of SQL and 5+ years SQL query writing required
  • Healthcare data analysis required, Claims data and Medicare-specific preferred
  • Experience leading a team required
  • Understanding of SAS, Python or DataBricks required
  • Basic understanding of data quality assurance required
  • Version control system experience required, git preferred
  • Basic statistical knowledge required; advanced knowledge preferred
  • Remote collaboration experience required
  • Biopharma industry experience preferred



  • Leadership – Inspires, directs and teaches others
  • Team building – Defines roles and and builds cohesion to maximize coordinated action
  • Communication – Shares information in a way that is understood by its audience
  • Trustworthy – Builds trust per BRAVING: The Seven Elements of Trust by Brene Brown
  • Curious – Desires to learn more
  • Scientific – Rigorously and consistently applies the scientific method
  • Decisive – Makes decisions quickly and effectively
  • Analytical – Can make sense of data and draw cogent analyses from it
  • Integrity – Confident, straightforward, truthful