Amber Canaan

CareSet Journey: Readmission Case Study

By Amber Canaan / October 9, 2017

Knowing the scale of your market and the trends that point to opportunities for your product is what CareSet Pathway is all about. This case study looks at trends in cancer patient readmissions and points to where those trends are most pronounced.

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Immuno-oncology 101

By Amber Canaan / August 24, 2017

In March 2011, the FDA approved a little molecule called Ipilimumab, better known as Yervoy. Learn why we think Yervoy’s approval marked the dawn of the immuno-oncology age.

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CareSet Scholarly Citations

By Amber Canaan / July 24, 2017

CareSet and it’s co-founders can have a history of advocacy and thought leadership around data security, “hactivism,” and data journalism. Below is a collection of some of our favorite attributions. Shah, A. (2017, March 6). Ex-Vice President Biden to speak about Cancer Moonshot at SXSW. Retrieved from O’Reilly, T. (2014, April 13).…

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CareSet Labs Releases Root NPI Graph – the Next Generation Medicare Doctor Referral Dataset

By Amber Canaan / June 25, 2017

NEW ORLEANS (PRWEB) CareSet Labs released the Root NPI Graph today at the 2017 Academy Health ARM Meeting in New Orleans. This is a new, greatly improved version of the Doctor Referral teaming dataset commonly available from Medicare.

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CareSet’s Fred Trotter Joins 21 Distinguished Health Cyber-Security Task Force Members to Distribute Report – and it’s Not Good

By Amber Canaan / June 14, 2017

HOUSTON, TX (PRWEB) – A congressionally mandated healthcare industry task force recently released the findings of the state of health information systems security and it’s not good. The Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force report (PDF) released this month warns that all aspects of health IT security are at risk and that action is needed…

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PaPR Data Set Release Guides Researchers and Entrepreneurs Towards Innovations Around E-prescribing For The Medicare D Population

By Amber Canaan / April 26, 2017

HOUSTON – CareSet Labs today is releasing an important new open data set that describes the adoption of e-prescribing as measured in Part D Medicare data. The dataset, called PaPR (Providers and Prescribing Records) details how different individual prescribers deliver prescriptions to pharmacies, either using e-prescribing, faxes or paper.  The PaPR (pronounced “paper”) data set…

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CareSet Propels Cancer Data Innovation at SXSW 2017

By Amber Canaan / April 3, 2017

CareSet hosted “Cancer Data: Driving Medication Purchase Decisions” at SXSW Interactive on March 12, 2017 at the Austin Convention Center.

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DocGraph Releases First Cancer Dataset at Digital Pharma East

By Amber Canaan / October 24, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRWEB) – DocGraph today released the first in a series of Cancer Moonshot datasets during Digital Pharma East. The data details how cancer patients enter and exit hospitals and its release was first announced by Vice President Joe Biden last June during the Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, DC. “The data is aggregated…

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CareSet Systems Announces New Data Science Products to Aid Drug Launches

By Amber Canaan / October 19, 2016

HOUSTON, TX (PRWEB)  – CareSet Systems today introduced four new dynamic data science products to aid new drug launches. CareSet is the only company that offers 100% of Medicare A, B, and D claims data over six years to guide the introduction of new drugs and currently serves several big pharmaceutical companies with customized data…

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How can Medicare’s big data improve healthcare for older adults?

By Amber Canaan / October 19, 2016

Medicare data is being used to produce better healthcare for older adults, and at the Louisville Innovation Summit CareSet CEO Laura Shapland joined a panel of health experts and discussed how open healthcare data is being used during a session called “When Seniors, Medicare Data and Pharma Collide: The Right Drugs, to the Right Patients, at…

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