CareSet is transforming the way biomedical companies go to market. We believe in getting the best treatments to the right patients quickly and efficiently. We do that by analyzing government data sources, such as Medicare claims data. With CareSet, biomedical companies become better at serving the patient community.

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As CEO, Laura helps set CareSet’s vision and coordinates the team in executing the go-to-market strategy. Laura previously served as COO at 2nd.MD, where she grew the company from concept to serving Fortune 500 companies. Laura holds a B.A. from Rice University and an MBA with High Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Outside of the office, she enjoys tennis and tickling her two young daughters until they cry.


Founder and CTO
Fred shapes our software development and data gathering strategies, which doesn't stop him from getting elbow-deep in the code on a regular basis. He is co-author of the first Health IT O’Reilly book Hacking Healthcare, and co-creator of the DIRECT protocol mandated in Meaningful Use. Fred’s technical commentary and data journalism work has been featured in several online and print journals including Wired, Forbes, U.S. News, NPR, Government Health IT, and Modern Healthcare.


Founder and Sales
Ashish is co-founder of CareSet Systems, a Healthcare Data Science company with the first access to 100% Medicare Part A, B, C and D claims data. An entrepreneur and healthcare data transparency advocate, Ashish also founded the DocGraph Journal, bringing together the Healthcare Data Science community along with Politico and ProPublica to publish data sets for scientific advancement.
Ashish is currently working to decode Medicare Claims data for Pharmaceutical companies, helping analyze provider teaming and building robust networks. Ashish’s expertise from Payors, Providers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) helps Pharma support the under-studied Medicare population.
Ashish worked in network and data security at VeriSign early in career, supporting security policies for worldwide banks, hospital networks, and government departments. He received his BS in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and now lives in Houston, Texas, where CareSet is headquartered.


Founder and Sales Engineer
Rick is instrumental in our data retrieval and integration, and also manages the development team. He is concerned with making health data useful and actionable while protecting patient privacy. Rick has worked in the Health IT field for over 6 years in projects including EHR implementation, HIE research and personal health software. He develops healthcare software for doctors, personal fitness, and general health with interest in how quantifying the individual can lead to self-discovery and change.


Executive Vice President, Business Development
John has over twenty-five years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining CareSet Systems, John was an Executive Vice President at M3 USA who engage physicians through digital clinical and marketing messages. John was a co-founder of HealthARC which was New Jersey’s first Benefit Corporation providing educational outreach to healthcare providers. John was also the President of EngageCE where he launched their clinical educator business as well as President of Practice Therapeutics where he created and managed their clinical educator business and was responsible for deploying the industry’s largest clinical educator team. His prior industry experience includes positions in operations, sales and sales management at Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Mr. Beriont’s experience also includes positions of increasing responsibility at Cegedim Dendrite, Health Products Research and Quintiles where he developed significant competencies and experience in technology solutions, market analytics and field-based medical education solutions. John has a BA from Gettysburg College and a MBA from Rider University.
BD project manager, Josh


Business Development Project Manager
Fresh out of the cold, Joshua graduated with a BBA from the University of Alaska. He began his career in IT as a UNIX systems admin. In 2002 he moved down to Texas, working for an oncology clinic. One year later he switched to account management and then project management, realizing he’s a better supervisor. For a decade he worked at Chevron as a project manager on IT and communication projects. He left O&G and decided the technological leaps and bounds in the health field is where he wanted to be. As Business Development Project Manager, Joshua helps streamline the processes at CareSet. A true nomad, he has visited 29 countries and 37 U.S. states.


Data QA Engineer
As a Data QA Engineer, Peng works closely with both Tech and Sales teams to understand and validate data during different development phases and ensure client’s requisition is answered with quality and insights. Peng holds a PhD from Texas A&M University and a BS from University of Science and Technology of China. After years of experience around lab bench and physics equations, Peng steps into healthcare IT with curiosity and passion to apply data science to improve health services. In his spare time, Peng is either buried in books with a sip of coffee or taking his young son to explore the world.


Marketing Specialist & Data Journalist
Victoria serves the Marketing team and is a budding Data Journalist at CareSet. While working at an accounting firm on the HR team, and later, practice growth team, she eventually realized her passion was in the healthcare space. She helps Brian with all things marketing. Victoria holds a B.A. in Communication from Texas A&M University. Whoop! She has run two marathons with MDA Team Momentum and is a part of the cult known as November Project.


Data Science Consultant
Dr. Susan Hutfless is an epidemiologist specializing in the use of big data in the healthcare system. She is a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she directs the Gastrointestinal Epidemiology Research Center. She received her PhD in Epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and her SM in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. She has published in peer-reviewed journals using health data from numerous sources including Medicare, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, the Department of Defense, the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project and independent healthcare facilities.


Office Manager
As the Office Manager, Stephanie makes sure all the administration duties at CareSet Systems are accomplished. She has previous work experience in Human Resources and Marketing in the healthcare industry. She holds a B.S. in Healthcare Administration and an MBA from the University of Houston – Clear Lake. During her spare time, she enjoys traveling the world and trying different foods.


Data QA Engineer
Amy Jin is a Data QA Engineer with CareSet Systems. She is responsible for creating and executing a reliable quality assurance process that ensures all data outputs are of impeccable quality and get deep insights from Medicare big data. She graduated from Rice University majoring in Statistics and Mechanical Engineering. Amy has great passion in solving real-world problems with data science, and prior to joining CareSet, Amy worked in Artificial Intelligence industry for image processing.


VP of Marketing
As an eight-year-old, Brian made and sold candles door to door. As an adult with a chronic entrepreneur addiction he helped grow a boutique music label grow to a national brand in the 80s, launched a successful Internet startup in the dot-com era, and today connects best-of-breed health and medtech startups with leading large healthcare organizations to accelerate innovation. He annually runs the coaching for companies competing in Austin's SXSW Accelerator - and when not working, he spoils his grandkids.


Marc works on the administration of CareSet with focuses on efficient communications, scheduling, and planning of the day to day operations. Over the past 10 years, Marc has administered various grant-funded projects including two Hurricane Ike disaster recovery projects as well as an initiative aimed at health information exchange. Marc holds a MS in Emergency Management and BS in Communications. In his off time, Marc enjoys running, both for exercise and chasing his two year old escape artist.
data qa analyst Almir


Data QA Analyst
As a member of the QA team, Almir makes sure data has no issues. He is involved in testing and supporting projects - analyzing and understanding technical specs, and developing test scenarios to successfully deliver of result data. Almir holds an MS in Applied Mathematics from Bashkir State University. He likes to spend his spare time with his family.


Consulting CFO
Russell Naisbitt has been our consulting CFO since September 2017. Russell brings leadership experience in finance and accounting, investor relations, business development and operations. Russell has been the CFO for several private and public companies in the software, SaaS, technology and other industries. He has worked for Ernst & Young in Australia and New Zealand and was formerly a director of Sharp Corporation of New Zealand, Ltd. He is an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) and a graduate in Accounting from the Auckland University of Technology.


Vice President of Data
As a software developer at CareSet, Phu applies his technical creativity and ``DIY`` ethic in problem solving and to assist in helping deliver the most effective solutions possible. Aside from his years of experience working in such diverse fields as artificial intelligence and web development, he has fostered a lifelong curiosity of bringing technology to life -- ever since the earlier days when AOL Instant Messenger was all the rage. When he is not in front of his computer turning cola into code, he can be found sipping a pint at the local craft brewery.


Client Success Project Manager
As project manager, Sandra ensures CareSet’s tools and data are reliable and consistent. Sandra holds an MHA from Texas Woman’s University, with experience in a diverse set of healthcare settings from retail pharmacy to home health services. Fascinated by the intersection of healthcare and technology, you can find her at Health 2.0 Houston, behind the scenes at SXSW, or pursuing her passion through a mobile natural hair styling service for multi-textured hair.


Vice President, Analytics
Faith applies her scientific curiosity and passion for developing efficient algorithms into delivering high-quality data outputs and meaningful and digestible results. She has extensive experience in managing and analyzing data from healthcare and public health research where she co-authored nearly 30 peer-reviewed publications, and presented at several data-centric conferences. She holds an MS in Biostatistics from Columbia University and a BS in Statistics from the University of the Philippines. When she's able to peel herself from the computer, she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband through running, cycling, hiking or bird watching.
data qa analyst Aaron


Data QA Analyst
Being a Data QA Engineer, Aaron applies his domain knowledge of managing data and statistical analysis into ensuring high quality of data outputs and supporting meaningful analysis results. Aaron holds a Master of Statistics degree from Rice University. He likes to play with his cats when he is out of office, and he enjoys traveling and outdoor activities.


Client Success Product Manager
With a background in operations and marketing management, Jeremiah takes the lead in all client - facing, account management activity. As Product Manager, his focus is on delivering the best possible user experience to clients and bridging the gap between customer and developer needs. An avid music lover, Jeremiah is also an accomplished audio engineer and self proclaimed “studio rat”.


HR Manager and Data Journalist
Alma helps CareSet with HR and Data Quests. She graduated from UT Austin with a major in Anthropology. After moving to Houston she made cupcakes at the Black Hole coffee shop, managed the Caroline Collective co-working space, and then joined CareSet in 2013. She now pursues a location-independent lifestyle, working remotely for CareSet from New Mexico with her two cats as in-purrson officemates.


Account Executive
Sandra has 13 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry. As CareSet’s Account Executive, Sandra is the primary point of contact and trusted advisor for Pharmaceutical clients nationwide. Sandra is a strategic leader where she has focused her career on business development, delivering performance, developing talent, expanding relationships, and creating alignment for data-led insight-driven business solutions. Prior to joining Careset Systems, she held leadership roles at GlaxoSmithKline including managing RX to OTC switch launches, retail sales forces, customer-facing category management, and third party (Broker) sales organizations. Sandra has held Advisory Board positions for Rite Aid Corp., YMCA of Greater Boston, and the Texas A&M Reveille Club of Houston. She is an active networker, consultant and connector in the Healthcare innovation start-up community. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University Dwight Look College of Engineering in Industrial Distribution. And she enjoys traveling, skiing, tennis, and photography.
clinical ontology analyst


Clinical Ontology Analyst
As Clinical Ontology Analyst, Irene is responsible for validating different healthcare codesets and deploying them as models for complex data analysis. She is the primary ontology wrangler at Careset. She graduated with a Masters in Bioscience and Health Policy from Rice University, prior to that, she received her Bachelors in Biotechnology from the Vellore Institute of Technology in India. Irene enjoys traveling the world, trying out different food and attending concerts.


Client Delivery Project Manager
As the Client Delivery Project Manager, you are responsible for maintaining the delivery process that enables the CareSet team to deliver client and internal projects within scope, on time and on budget. For you, it’s all about execution. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than coming up with a plan and turning that plan into a reality. You have an infectious laugh, or can at least fake a good one. You seek first to understand and love learning from people of varied backgrounds.


VP Business Development
You're executing the business development strategy that will support CareSet’s continued growth. You hone messaging with identified target markets and document prospect pain points and feedback for iteration of our product to more closely align with needs. You identify upsells and new product offerings. And you support the internal team in scaling the sales processes using Salesforce. You communicate almost exclusively through GIFs.


HR Manager
You're a part-time HR Manager with a full heart. You will help us grow quickly by hiring new employees and keeping a pulse on things so we know if our current employees are happy. Make sure that as we grow we don’t turn into one of those big companies that’s more interested in protecting itself than making it a good place for people to work. Add structure and policies only when absolutely necessary and when you do, make sure they’re useful and readable. When you aren't working, you're watching videos of cats and other animals online.